Coronavirus - In the light of the Government’s instructions, we ask you to stay at home rather than come to your boat or caravan as sadly such visitation would not be classified as an essential journey.  Please see our latest news section for a full update from the Management at Ashwood Marina.

Click here for a copy of our mooring rules and regulations

Ashwood marina comprises of a private waterway approximately ½ mile in length that links to the Staffs and Worcester canal.

The area is divided into 4 sectors:

  • Brindley
  • Telford and Telford Main
  • Rennie
  • Smeaton

Each is named after a famous canal engineer, including the engineer for the Staffs and Worcester canal, James Brindley.

Across these areas we offer a range of mooring types to suit customer's needs and budget, all set within a linear parkland setting that, with the exception of “Telford Main” is off the mainline canal.  This means that when moored inside the marina boats do not require a cruising license.

Despite its mainline location, Telford Main is one of our most popular areas as it is on the opposite side to the towpath and has lovely valley views.

Telford Main

Across the rest of the marina:

Our Rennie and some Brindley A class moorings provide a bank side mooring with nearby parking and most offer electric hook up.


Brindley B class moorings are small jetties shared with up to 4 other vessels and close to open grassland and parking.
Telford C class moorings are cruiser jetties so avoiding owners having to pay a minimum length of 40', instead our minimum length is 25'.


Smeaton D class moorings are service road moorings and are ideal for the boater that wants to go out all the time cruising, merely returning to a safe base for his/her vessel.

Closed Season
Please be aware that we are officially a leisure park and therefore vessels and caravans are to be used for holiday accommodation only.  Our site closes early November and re-opens late March.  Customers are still able to access their boats during this time.

Contact Richard Cornish on 01384 295535 or 07743 667192